The GPP Guarantee

GPP Inc. is proud to provide a three-year limited workmanship warranty. Guaranteeing the quality of workmanship we provide to our valued customers. For this warranty to be valid client must (1)pay in full upon completion of job contract, (2)retain a copy of the contact, (3)contract GPP within 60 day after any warranted condition has occurs, (4)make the property assessable to GPP to asses and perform repairs, (5) provide a full description of paint product of color and sheen used in affected areas.

For a period of 36 months from the completion date of job contract GPP warrants against the peeling, cracking, chipping or flaking of paint due to defective workmanship. GPP will supply a replacement product of equal or greater value. GPP will perform any and all of the covered repairs and labor.

What is not covered is any work where GPP did not supply paint or materials. Any work that was performed by a non-employee of GPP including but not limited to surface preparation, water intrusion, condensation, or moisture in, though or around substrate/affected areas. Standing water or improper drainage, any bubbles in paint coating, Foundations and any horizontal surface or structural design that permits moisture to collect. Varnished or natural finished wood surfaces bleeding caused by knots, rust or cedar. Galvanized metal, rubber, and plastic, windows, doors, abrasions, cracks in drywall and plaster or wood. Peeling of existing layers of paint. Acts of God, extreme weather conditions, causes beyond the control of GPP, damage from chemicals or cleaning agents. Structural defects, substrate and or defects in siding. An exact color match and or texture cannot be guaranteed either can we guarantee samples you have selected will exactly match the finish coat.

The appearance of mold or mildew or any other environmental conditions. Conditions of the paint itself including but not limited to fading, chalking, flashing and lapping.

This limited warranty is the only express warranty made by GPP and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. This warranty covers only those services provided by GPP to the original purchaser named on the front of the job contact.